The database of the DAG - Department of General Archives UFSM is being built.

The first set of documents available is the photographic archive whose description and digitization project was undertaken with the funding from PROEXT 2010 - MEC / SESu.

The description of this collection is preliminary stage and the dissemination partial of results will allow interaction with the researcher aiming receive the complement and / or correction of data to the images described.
Contact us by e-mail: patrimoniofotograficoufsm@gmail.com

HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY: Produced by former Photo UFSM Service. The function of this organ was the production of images for record of administrative activities, teaching, research and extension of the University.

The photos were used for the registration and monitoring of works, accountability of budgetary resources for the construction of the campus, annual reports of activities, dissemination activities of the institution in the local press and regional news in the preparation and development of instructional materials .

35mm images are available for the period 1958 to 1973, the rest of the acquis will be incorporated into a long-term project.
To follow the progress of the project access to the blog http://www.patrimoniofotograficoufsm.blogspot.com